Q.A.T. Bookkeeping

A bookkeeping system is much more than a way to keep the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) happy. With a properly designed chart of accounts and industry-standard bookkeeping procedures, management can use financial information to define growth strategies. The bookkeeping system is a key tool for growing a small business into a medium-sized business. As you know, though, you need the support of a properly trained, diligent bookkeeper to make this happen.

There is a difference between bookkeeping and accounting. In fact, it's quite a big difference.

Bookkeepers record your transactions in a set of books, employing a number of techniques to make sure they are recorded correctly. No one knows the nitty-gritty details of individual transactions better than your bookkeeper.

Accountants analyze the financial information recorded in your books, applying adjustments as necessary to make the information comparable between periods and between companies. No one knows your strategic direction better than your accountant.

It's the old forest vs. the trees analogy. Bookkeepers work with the trees; accountants work with the forest. The bookkeeper makes sure each individual tree is healthy; the accountant makes sure the forest is healthy. The importance of a good bookkeeper cannot be overstated: If the trees are sick, the forest will be sick and your accountant won't be able to do his or her job.

Q.A.T. is happy to work with whatever accountant you choose and will quickly exceed his or her expectations as well as your own. For those small businesses and non-profits that choose not to have an accountant, we offer complete bookkeeping and tax return preparation services, including:

All Q.A.T. bookkeepers are qualified, certified, and expert. They are strongly committed to their own continuing education, especially in the rapidly-changing areas of government regulation, software, and CRA requirements. We work hard to attract and keep only the very best personnel. That's why we are confident you will get only the very best from Q.A.T.

Q.A.T. has special offers for churches, including free when-available help for church bookkeepers. If your church would like top-notch bookkeeping services at a reasonable price, please give Warren a call at 519-404-7904.

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