Tax Return Preparation

Some tax returns are harder than others. How much money are businesses throwing away by missing expenses, deductions, elections, and credits? If a tax return preparer misses those things, the CRA may process the return with no error messages and you will never know about the money you lost. Q.A.T. Business Services specializes in business income tax, including sole proprietorships, partnerships, corporations, charities, non-profits, and trusts.

Q.A.T. has been preparing tax returns since the early 1970's. We even created our own software for T1's and all the supporting forms. Every return is checked manually and by the computer to ensure nothing is missed.

Our expertise puts us in an enviable position. We thrive on the challenges of difficult situations. If you're running into trouble with the CRA or are unsure of previously submitted returns, we're the ones you want to talk to.

[Q.A.T. also prepares individual (non-business) tax returns. Most of these returns can be completed at our low $60 price, with steep discounts for the 2nd, 3rd, and subsequent members of a family. It's a great deal, but we are limited in the number of new non-business clients we can accept. Call for more information.]

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