GoToMeeting Training Modules

Q.A.T. Business Services is pleased to offer an introductory level training module to get our clients up and running with GoToMeeting before they attend other modules. Check out the course outline for further information.

Other modules limit the number of attendees to 25. For the GoToMeeting introductory module, the limit is 5. We do this to allow time for dealing with problems attendees may have. Being comfortable with GoToMeeting is an important first step before attending other modules.

There's another important difference with this module: The entire tuition is held as a credit on your account to be applied against other modules. In effect, if you attend at least two other modules over the following six months, the introductory GoToMeeting module is free.

If there is demand for follow-on GoToMeeting modules, we may offer them at a future date. If you are interested, please let us know.

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